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Anaheim Hills

Anaheim bears the distinction of being the first planned community in Southern California. In 1857, the community began with just 1,165 acres designated for city lots, housing and vineyards. The local economy centered around agriculture. Today, the city of Anaheim has grown to cover most of the north Orange County Santa Ana River floodplain and a large portion of Santa Ana Canyon’s southeastern slope. This southeastern slope is the area now known as Anaheim Hills. After World War II, Anaheim began a progressive growth eastward. New home development began to replace Valencia orange groves, which had depreciated in value. The residents voted to annex an additional 225 acres into their community in March 1946, extending the city limits from the original East Street to what is now known as State College Avenue. This annexation was the beginning of many to follow, and it signaled the end of Anaheim’s economic dependence upon agriculture. The new Anaheim would be a modern residential, commercial and entertainment center. It was after Disneyland opened in 1955 that Anaheim’s cheap land, low housing costs and low interest rates fueled a boom unlike any seen in Southern California before. The population grew from 14,556 in 1950 to over 104,000 ten years later. The civic leaders of Anaheim attracted the modern defense industry by setting aside an industrial zone in the northeastern part of the city. A company called Autonetics, which later became known as Rockwell International, moved to Anaheim in 1959 and became one of the city’s largest employers. The community responded to this influx with more residential development and further eastward growth. The limits were pushed to the Santa Ana River by the early 1960s, then across the river into the Olive Hills. As its population exploded, Anaheim worked out a land exchange with the city of Orange so it could build a much needed 60-million-gallon reservoir. The site for this reservoir was purchased from rancher Louis Nohl, cementing Anaheim’s stake in the future development of the Nohl Ranch area. Today, after two centuries in the making, our distinguished community continues to grow. The 2010 United States Census reported that Anaheim Hills had a population of 55,036.We have shopping, dining, entertainment and modern conveniences within just minutes of our homes. We enjoy the lowest crime rate in the City and one of the lowest in all of Orange County. Our exclusive community environment provides us with a safe and quiet place to call home.

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