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We do more than the average brokerage. We go above and beyond to ensure every transaction ends successfully for our clients. With 33+ years of experience, we are confident we are the right choice to sell your home!


  • In Depth Market Analysis
  • Personalized Target Marketing Plan
  • Free In-House Staging
  • Online Advertising to 300+ sites
  • Free Professional Photography
  • Free Custom Website
  • Free 3D Virtual Tours + Drone
  • 33+ Years of Experience


Homes that are prepared for sale rather than just listed for sale, sell faster & for more money than homes that are not. With our 7-Step Property Certification Plan, your home is thoroughly prepared for sale to ensure you get top dollar!

Step 1: Pre-Sale Property Inspection

We provide a professional 199-point inspection of your home to reduce the chance of buyer’s remorse or renegotiation of your property after the contract is signed. With the information from this inspection, you can address the items that are identified or simply disclose them to the buyer at the time of an offer. This is done at no additional cost to you.


Step 2: Seller & Buyer Home Warranty

Having a home warranty will give you competitive edge when selling and additional confidence when listing with us. Your home will be covered by the same home warranty provided to the buyer at no additional cost to you.


Step 3: Home Makeover

Coldwell Banker Diamond has an in-house staging team that will visit your property and give helpful suggestion to better prepare your home for sale. Even small adjustments to a home can mean the

difference between listed and sold. If your home is vacant, our staging team will bring in furniture & accessories. If you are living in the home, our staging team can bring in small accessories, we do it all!

We offer FREE staging for all of our listings!


Step 4: Interior Cleaning

Whether your home is less than a year old or 40 years old, a buyer expects it to be clean and ready for sale. A tired home will fetch less money on the open market. I am more than willing to contribute to the cleanup of your home (unless it is already in great condition) because I know it will contribute to a faster sale and with a superior price.


Step 5: Home Appraisal

Your listing will be appraised at the asking price and this value will be shared with interested buyers and other real estate agents. The price you choose will not be a guesstimate, but value that is confirmed by an expert appraiser at no additional cost to you.


Step 6: Preliminary Title Report

It is critical that you are aware of any liens or cloud of ownership on the title of your property. With a preliminary title report, you can identify any problems before you are in escrow at no additional cost to you.


Step 7: Termite Inspection & Clearance

The cost to obtain termite clearance can exceed thousands of dollars. Rather than wait for an inspection and be unhappily surprised by the cost, we will have our preferred termite company provide a termite

report immediately, perform the required work, or detail the cost. The report is at no additional cost to you.



Coldwell Banker Diamond is part of the Coldwell Banker family of companies. As a franchise, we are independently owned and operated, but we share in the rich tradition and successes of Coldwell Banker. Coldwell Banker is a household name- we are affiliated with the oldest and largest real estate company in the United States.

The Power of a Premium Global Brand

The power and reach of the Coldwell Banker brand stretch across 43 countries and territories including the United States and Canada. The Coldwell banker brand presence consists of approximately 3,000 offices worldwide!


Coldwell Banker Statistics

  • Number of U.S. Transaction Sides – 684,981
  • Average U.S. Sales Price – $350,557 (13.7% higher than the NAR 2019 average)
  • Total U.S. Sales Volume – $240.1 Billion
  • Number of U.S. $1 Million+ Transaction Sides – 27,595
  • Independent Contractor Sales Associates/ Representatives Worldwide – 94,332

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

The Coldwell Banker brand has a legacy of selling some of the world’s most recognizable and prestigious homes. A dominant force in the luxury real estate segment, the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program has offices in the world’s most affluent locations.


The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program expanded its footprint with the debut of new office locations across the world in Greenwich, Chicago, San Antonio, Seattle, Hinsdale, Barcelona, Paris, Biarritz, Rome, Ibiza and Thailand.


In 2019, Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents handled 27,595 transaction sides of $1 Million-plus homes, more than any other national real estate brand. This equates to $144.4 million in sales daily with an average sales price of $1.9 million in this category.


What does this mean for you?

Your property will receive global and local exposure through Coldwell Banker’s global network.

Coldwell Banker agents have access to exclusive technology such as CBx. CBx uses the power of technology to give your Coldwell Banker agent a distinct advantage over other agents in quickly and successfully selling your home. It gives them more accurate market knowledge, access to in-depth housing data to make the selling process quick, enjoyable and more successful for you, their client.

This is just ONE of the exclusive benefits Coldwell Banker agents have over the competition. Allow us to put our technology and proven tools to work by selling your home!


Any real estate company is a reflection of the owners. Their histories, backgrounds and motivations become part of the character of the real estate company they own and operate. Alex Horowitz has a powerful goal: to set the standard of excellence in North Orange County Real Estate with Coldwell Banker as his partner. Our clients should expect excellence from our company, and excellence is what we strive for!

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